Reflejos Musique

Bar Oussou

Original Song - Set fire to my heart

Time Will tell - live at the Wesley Anne 2019

Time will tell stories of before and heal the hurt that hurts like hell! New song!

Maria La Portuguesa

A Spanish Song by Carlos Cano. Maria La Portuguesa falls in love with an Andalusian..... 

La Javanaise - French Song

A traditional French song written by Serge Gainsbourg.  Performed live at the Wesley Anne, Melbourne, Australia - by Bonnie Smith and ReflejosMusique 2019. 

Nunca Mas Mañana

Nunca Mas  Mañana (Never More Tomorrow), written by Bonnie Smith....all about unrequited love that will meet again in the next life. 

Cumbia de la Luna

A Cumbia written by Bonnie -  Cumbia is a traditional South American rhythm.  The song talks of Sadness being your best friend and Solitude being the best company.

Cumbia de la Luna